Is this a good choice?

I;m trying to make my own config so here is my choice(i'm no expert, that's why i need some opinions):

AMD Phenom II X4 955

ASUS M4A785D-M-PRO, Chipset AMD 785G with AMD Radeon HD 4200 onboard

nVidia GeForce G210 or 9500GT(the same in my opinion)


Some suggestions please!

The motherboard has HybridCrossfire, if i buy a Radeon card would i be able to link the cards?
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  1. It depends on the card you buy. Hybrid Crossfire basically just makes two slow cards into one faster card. It won't do much if you throw a high end card in the build.

    Also keep in mind you can't hybrid crossfire a nvidia card with the radeon IGP.

    I would suggest you go for a straight AM3 board and DDR3 ram. This board is only $15 more with rebate and will give you some future proofing by having usb3.0:

    Any 4gb (2x2gb) DDR3 ram will do. DDR31600 if you plan to overclock or DDR31333 if you don't. G.Skill, Corsair, OCZ, A-Data, Crucial, Kingston and Mushkin are all good brands.

    Do you have a case already or need one? PSU? Hard drive and disc drives?
  2. DDR3 is the way to go...what kind of games do you play?
  3. If you want a good gaming machine you should spend alot less on the CPU (like get an Athlon II x3) and spend the extra money getting a good graphics card (like a 450, 5770 or 460).

    Niether of the graphics cards you listed is a gaming card.
  4. @kureme i know that 2 different graphics cards won't work in SLI/CrossFire and i was thinking on going for DDR3 but i'll see if i can enlarge my budget :kaola:

    i didnt post the rest of the component because i dont think they are so important!

    @dndhatcher the budget i have right now is to buy what i listed or equivalents in performance and/or price and I did this config from the list of component of a single pc shop here in Roumania! i will go to other shops and see what i can get

    is the Athlon II x3 better than Phenom II x4 ?! 'cause of what i've read/heard 'till now Phenom II x4 ALMOST catches up with the Intel i5

    sorry if my english is not that understandable
  5. sorry about the stupid question abou Athlon and Phenom!i didnt understood the first time what u meant cu say...

    give me a tip about a cheaper CPU and a good graphics card
  6. thank you very much!

    i'll follow every link u have given to me :)
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