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I wanted to buy a SSD but one of my friends said something about my mobo not having a sata3, not sure what that is my mobo specs say sata3gb/s. Does this mean that I wont get the full performance out of the ssd?
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  1. 3Gb/s is SATA 2. 6Gb/s is SATA 3.

    You won't get maximum advertised Read/Write speeds from a SATA 3 SSD with your motherboard but it's definitely still worth buying if you are upgrading from a HDD.
  2. So you think I'll still see a major difference in speed even without sata3? I don't really want to purchase a new mobo lol.
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    Yes, you'll notice the difference and won't ever want to use a HDD as a O/S drive again. :)
  4. Well alrighty then I was thinking of getting the Samsung 840 or the kingston hyperX any suggestions on which is better? And do these come with some kind of brackets to mount or are those separate.
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  6. Go for the Samsung 840. You'll have to check to see if it comes with a bracket or not.
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