5770 or gtx460?

my brother got a new computer for his birthday and he is looking to buy a new video card and montior. probablly going to get a 22" 1680x1050 screen. he plays starcraft 2, civ 4, and civ 5 when it comes out. so my question is this: what card should he get thats in the 200$ price range. the 5770 and the 460 are the 2 ive been looking at. u know the 460 is better, but is also costs 30-50$ more. is the extra money worth it? anyone play sc2 with either of these 2 cards? he also has a phenom II x4 and 4gb ddr3 1333 if that helps.
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  1. The HD 5770 should be able to run StarCraft II on maximum settings without any problems, although I reckon the ~ $40 extra for the GTX 460 is worth it, as it is faster than the HD 5830 and only a bit slower than the HD 5850.
  2. it's pretty much worth the money, for the additional performance, but then again a 5770 should be fine at that res with mostly rts style games
  3. agree with above posters, i have a 5770 and it maxes SC2, but really the GTX460 is considerably better.
    worth a few extra bucks, as it should be able to max just about any game, whereas the 5770 struggles with a few.
  4. +1 to the GTX460. The additional money you'll pay for it are worth it.
  5. LoL i would go for the much cheaper 5770 since most not even play those high demanding games at all
    And to be honest the only good game starcraft II runs like a rocket on it.
  6. For the little bit extra, the 460 is definitely worth it.
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