Problem with getting 120hz refresh rate on viewsonic vx2268wm

I just picked up a Viewsonic vx2268wm hoping to be able to play Counter-Strike 1.6 in 640x480 with 120hz refresh rate. Using the DVI-D Dual connector that came with the monitor, I'm currently able to set my desktop and CS both to 120hz without problems on my native resolution... but I need to be able to play on 640x480.

If my desktop is on 1680x1050 (my native res) @ 120hz, and I open CS with -freq 120 in launch options, it opens in the desired 640x480. However, while Counter-Strike is running, the screen gets a hue/fuzziness to it. Everything responds in time and looks normal as far as the resolution goes, but there is a constant hue/fuzziness to the pixels. It almost looks like an old television that is getting a barely shaky signal through an antennae (if I had to try and describe it). This same thing happens when I use nVidia control panel to make a custom resolution of 640x480 @ 120hz. If I open CS when my desktop is like this, it stays the same hue/fuzziness.

If anyone knows how I can use this monitor to play CS on 120hz in 640x480 please let me know, I'd really appreciate some help.

My system:
Windows XP Home SP2
MoBo: MSI P965 NEO
CPU: Intel Core 2 6300 @ 1.86ghz
RAM: 2gb
Video Card: GeForce 9500GT 1GB
Monitor: Samsung Viewsonic vx2268wm (120hz)
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  1. also, here's some stuff i've found out in the last 12 hours:

    the monitor i purchased (viewsonic vx2268wm) is apparently only compatible in "3D vision" with nvidia cards in the 8 and 9 series. in the 9 series, only the 9600GTS and above are compatible.

    so since i am just below that, i'm assuming that is what is causing my monitor to act up.

    my question now is do you think this monitor/video card should still work with proper drivers? since i'm able to get 120hz on my native resolution (1680x1050)?

    my plan is to pretty much try and return this monitor for a samsung 2233rz (compatible with much more) or to exchange video cards for a compatible model. if you think i'm retarded, please tell me.
  2. Why the low res and are you trying to do 3D?
  3. not 3D just run at 120hz smoothly and without the crazy hue/fuzziness.

    native res (1680x1050) and other high res are really good for newer games but counter-strike is over 10 years old now.

    it runs at 120hz on the native res but i'd like to make it smaller and be more familiar with it.

    my peers who have the samsung 2233rz (another 3D monitor) can run whatever res @ 120hz
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