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Airflow on: Cooler Master Elite 430

Hi, I'm building a new system and could use some advise how to best direct airflow on a Cooler Master Elite 430 case. I will have a total of four 120mm case fans and a Corsair Hydro H50 cpu cooler to work with. Cooler Master's depiction (unaltered) of the case's airflow is shown below:

Originally, I was thinking this: (see image below). However, after reading the documentation on the H50 I see it recommends the fan blowing over the radiator be configured to intake, not exhaust. Which would make sense for lowering cpu temps better.

So, my questions: Would setting the H50's fan to intake disrupt general case airflow? Should I use it as an exhaust, or intake? Where should I position the H50, if I use it as an intake? The top front would seem to make sense, but it would then be right next to an exhaust (the top rear). If I put the H50 on the rear top as an intake, it would then be above the rising air from the power supplies exhaust. Please help.

P.S. I hope my post was easier to read than it was to write, hard to describe the dilemma.
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  1. bad images links-
    normally basic- lower fans, push air in,intakes- as its cold air, and upper fans, remove hot air,as exhausts..
  2. 55Range said:
    bad images links-

    Sorry, should work now.
  3. Yeah - Nice images- So as you see- Is exactly what I wrote- Stick to it-
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    my suggestion...

    Intake - Front 120mm, bottom 120mm (next to psu), side 120mm (optional)... ensure dust filters in all intakes...
    Exhaust - 1 X 120mm top
    1 Empty fan exhaust vents at the top

    regarding your H50 radiator fans... you have two choices
    1. As an intake - Place your H50's radiator on the rear fan slot as an intake... ensure you have a dust filter covering the vent from outside...
    2. As an exhaust - replace the top exhaust with the H50's radiator (ensure you have just one exhaust)... in this case keep the rear fan vent empty...

    The reason for more intakes and less exhaust is to create positive pressure inside the case so that air is automatically pushed out of the case through the open vents and not allowing other air and dust into the case apart from your intakes at the front, bottom and side...
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