Any known issues with Gigabyte GeForce GTX460 OC 1GB ??

For the next 48h (Monday/Tuesday) a retailer near me is selling them at a 37% discount (169.99 Euros). Although it's a reputable store, where I've bought many bits and pieces of hardware in the past, I find this a little strange - they are even cheaper then the 768MB series (215 Euros). I don't need them but at this price I'm buying as many as they have.

Just wondering - any know issues with this card?
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  1. not at all
    get there and buy them all
  2. My thoughts exactly. I think I read every review on the net and the only issue I saw was that the OC isn't that great...who cares, I can do that myself. Besides, most will be for resale.

    Thanks, I'll buy as many as they'll sell me. Recon I'll make 50 Euros, at least, on each of them.
  3. ^
    A good way to make profit... :)
  4. Thanks all, only managed to get four...still think the pricing was weird. But who am I to complain? Sure will be watching this mega-store more closely, from now on ;)
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