My new build (minor problem)

Hello all

just wanted you guys to check out my new build and tell my your thoughts good or bad. The only problem ive had with it so far is sometimes i have to turn it on twice to get it to boot, once it does it runs like a champ.

Symptoms: I push the power button and the psu fan starts spinning but the case lights ie: power led and hdd led dont light up. if i switch off/on the power circut button on the psu then push the mb power button on again it comes on and works as it should

Asus P6X58D-Premium
Kingston hyperx 1800mhz 6Gb
Kingston SSDnow 64GB Boot drive
WD 1tb 64mb SATAlll (x2) raid 0 through windows
Corsair H70
Coolmaster Cosmos 1000
Corsair PSU GS800
EVGA GTX460 sc
Intel i7 93 (oc3.8) stable running intels burn program through 6 cycles

Before i put the wd hdd's in and only had the ssd the post used to say no hdd found but it would still boot up if that helps

Thanks for reading
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  1. What do you have for the setting in BIOS for the SSD and HD?

    AHCI is the "preferred" setting that seems to work best.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply the ssd is set to ide and i think the hdds are ahci. ill check tonight and change them to ahci and see how it goes.

    EDIT, i switched it from ide to achi. it dosnt seem any diferent but im sure its better, thanks anyways
    I guess ill take the psu out and trouble shoot like the tech i am, its just i do this all day at work and dont want to have to do it when i get home :cry:
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