Slow Start up for SSD?

Hey there. I just did a clean install on a Intel 520 120 GB SSD. I'm getting 40 seconds from desktop to desktop restarts. I have ACHI enabled, the 6GB/S cable, and plugged into a 6GB/S port on the mobo..

40 seconds seems slow.

I also have a 1TB set us as the D drive. Is that a possible reason for slow boot?

Also, I installed an Nvidia 660ti and part of the restart is a brief Nvidia slew of info, followed by white tick marks that flash down the screen. How do I disable that?
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  1. Is the Install done with the SSD connected as only drive?
  2. Check with ATTO Benchmark - that your SSD is delivering the speeds in up and downloads!
  3. check with a program called bootracer to get an accurate time. it'll tell u how long to logon and then to desktop. if you got certain programs installed that run on startup this could be the issue.
    try disconnecting the 1tb and see what happens
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