HPE 210Y graphics card upgrade.

First of all i want to ask if i did the right choice buying that computer. I dont know how to build them so that was not an option for me and i bought what i could afford. Did i *** up or could have gotten a better deal?

Yesterday i downloaded crysis and cod demos. While cod was running ok at med/high settings, crysis couldnt run past maybe medium and was slow. i decided to buy a new graphics card and came here to ask. so....what do you guys recommand
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  1. The standard card in that system is an HD5450 which is a fine card for 2d and video playback but it really isn't intended for gaming. If you want an upgrade without replacing your power supply(300w) I would recommend an HD5670. It is several times faster than your current card.
  2. i dont mind upgrading both my power supply and video card
  3. Well then I guess the question is how much are you willing to spend and what is the native resolution of your monitor?
  4. i am willing to spend the least possible but if i have to i can spend maybe 200 at MOST! and i am sorry i dont know my reso for monitor. How do i find out?
  5. You can check your resolution by right clicking on the desktop.
    For $200 for both a PSU and card this looks about right;
  6. 1280x768 is my reso
  7. The HD5770 I linked above would be fantastic for that resolution and last you a long time.
    That said the HD5670 would also be alright if you would rather go cheaper. You won't be able to max out a lot of current games but it will still do well.
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