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Information about applying Thermal Paste

I recently bought a Dual-Core E5500 processor.

It comes with a stock heatsink and it has 3 thin layers on the bottom of the cooler. Which I presume is the thermal paste.

I am using my old mobo to apply this new CPU. So my question is, do I have to apply any extra thermal paste on the CPU or should I just plug it in without doing anything?
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    If you plan to use other thermal paste then remove the existing paste with high purity isopropyl alcohol. Otherwise just stick it on and start using your computer. The difference in thermal performance is negligible especially since you aren't using a high performance heatsink (and by extension, I assume you're not planning on heavy overclocking ;)).
  2. Nah I'll be sticking with stock speed and temperature for now.

    Anyways thanks for you help! :)
  3. Use what's on it.
  4. Hehe I used the stock one and it's running fine!

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