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If my monitor keeps, randomly, blackingout during any operation, even after replacing the vid cad, where should I look for the culprit? PSU? Bad driver? Old monitor?
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  1. By blacksout... you mean goes back and gets back on again? Or does it stay black?

    I would say its a bad driver or monitor resolution issue. But before that answer the above.
  2. It goes black and stays that way until I hard boot it again.
    I am running Vista SP2, Core2 Duo 2.9, 4 gigs ram, and just put in a XFX hd 5770.
    My system was working great until 10 days ago when it crashed during a game of SC2. I thought it was my old 8800GT. So I went to my mobo graphics adpter and wiped all the drivers (I think) and then put the new card in.

    I'm running it on 24" CRT 1600x1200 native @85mhz refresh.
    Hope this helps you to help me and thank you in advance for your time.
  3. What's your PSU? Brand and rating?
  4. Don't know the brand, it came w/case but it says:
    ATX Switching power supply
    Model: 450W
    V: +5V/+3.3V/+12V

    Voltage: 115V- / 230V-
    Current: 7.5A / 4.5A
    Freq: 60Hz / 50Hz
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    Don't know the brand, it came w/case

    You just mentioned your problem. Generic PSU's are bad and not upto the mark when it comes to modern day PC. Get a new PSU of a reputed brand and a good rating. With that PSU you run the risk of destroying your whole PC altogether. Not just the GPU.
  6. Wow. Thank SO much!! I would have put my head threw the screen if I managed to destroy my out-of-box new HD5770. Not to mention my new CPU or harddrive yeah I got a bunch of new stuff and now I will add a psu to the list.

    Again- thank you.
  7. As for the brand, stick to Corsair, Seasonic, Antec or even Silverstone. Dont get something else.

    If you don't want to add another GPU and would keep this rig for a while, then i say Corsair VX550W. Price depends on the country you are from.
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  9. Thanks for the vote.
  10. "Don't know the brand, it came w/case" --- <claps> @ hell_storm2004
  11. ^^And what was that supposed to mean?
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