OCZ Vertex 4 slow reads

I just bought a new Vertex 4 and installed it as my OS drive. I've made sure TRIM is enabled and most optimizations (I think) have been done. My write times are what I expected at around 250 mb/s, but my read times are capping around 250-280 mb/s. I was expecting more in the mid 400 range at least. This is my first SSD, and I've tried doing a lot of research on them, but I'm still quite a noob if you will. Is 250 mb/s the most I will be able to get out of this drive? I've seen other people hit the 500 area in their benchmarks.

I have the Intel 7 series chipset with AHCI mode on. Tried re installing the firmware, 1.5. I've run out of options so any help is greatly appreciated.

Here's a snip of my latest benchmark, albeit probably my best so far.
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    280 read sounds like SATA II. Do you have it in a SATA III port?
  2. Ahhhh... I didn't even think about that.. Is there a way to check if it's in a SATA III port?

    EDIT: After looking into this, apparently I had it in the SATA II slot instead of the SATA III.. I thought SATA III was standard in newer laptops so I didn't even think about it..
    Thanks for your help!
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