Hi i need help on amd and ati energy saving thing

is it possible to make my laptop with an amd and ati cards work at max cores speed at all times instead of having it managing what I need or dont need to save energy?

in other words, how can I stop this amd and ati thing energy saver or w/e from working? I dont want/need any saving on energy..
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  1. It would help to know what system we are talking about.
    The first thing to check would be your system settings. What OS are you running?
  2. Yes, In bios and in your power configuration you can turn all these features off.
    They will keep your machine hot and using more power so stay close to an ac outlet.
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    You do want and need savings on energy with a laptop that you plan to have away from the wall for more than about 30 minutes. You can turn off "Cool'n'quiet" in bios and that will leave your CPU running full speed at all times but it will also draw significantly more power which will make it run significantly hotter which may shorten its lifespan, it will also cut battery life significantly.

    Cool'n'quiet is setup so that it wont impact performance at all, as soon as you put a load on the CPU it will kick up to full speed so there is no logical reason to turn it off.
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