Overclocking an Intel Core 2 Duo e6550

hey everyone :)

i've been wanting to overclock my cpu for a long time, and my friend did it for me (stable at 3.10ghz) a while ago but i had a system crash and i had to reset everything just in case and i dont know how to overclock it on my own (believe, me i've tried)...

my motherboard is Gigabyte's GA-P35-DS3L rev 1.0
the processor is an Intel Core 2 Duo e6550 (2.33ghz by standard)
and i have 3 gigs of ram running at 667mhz

can anyone tell me how to overclock it. if not as high as 3.10 then atleast 2.90 or 3.0...
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  1. have you tried reading the guides?
    also you should have posted this in the 'overclocking' forums not here.
  2. sorry, i'm new here...
    i've checked one guide so far but it didnt help much...
  3. hmm... im not really good with ocing with gigabyte mobo's, but ill try to help.

    do you know how to get into BIOS? (if not its when you press either F2 or Delete when you turn on your computer and you see the gigabyte Logo)
  4. i know how to work the computer and the bios but i dont know how to overclock.
    EDIT: i just remembered i had the RAM working at 888mhz when it was overclocked.
    EDIT2: ok, i just calculated how he set the CPU frequency...basically if the multiplier is 7 then the frequency must have been set to 444.
    but i still have no idea how to set the voltage...
  5. ok then... when you go into bios you should see something called M.I.T (MB Intelligent Tweaker)
    open that and scroll down to 'CPU Host Clock control' and switch that to ENABLE.
    then go down to 'CPU Host Frequency' and change that to... 400
    see if that works,
    if it doesnt and your computer wont boot up then open up your case and reset the CMOS (remove the circle battery on the mobo for 5 secs and place it back) warning: this will reset the time and date too.
  6. didnt manage to boot, got a BSOD.
  7. damn...
    ok try that again and change the 'System Memory Multiplier' to 2.00
  8. it failed to boot up in the first try, but i let it try again and it was a success (got a display driver BSOD the first time). right now it's running at 2.80ghz. seems stable, no random startup errors. gonna check the temp.

    EDIT: well that took a while, couldn't find my everest install...depending on the usage, it's running around at about 44 degrees of celsius (111 farenheit)
  9. kk, if your feeling adventurous (or very brave if you prefer) you can increase the voltages for more stability and increase the cpu frequency to 440.

    DDR2 OverVoltage Control by +0.300V
    PCI-E OverVoltage Control by +0.1V
    FSB OverVoltage Control by +0.1V
    MCH OverVoltage Control by +0.1V
    and CPU Voltage Control to 1.35V

    EDIT: try using 'hardware monitor' for the temps and run something like a game on your pc to see the load temps
  10. well it booted up faster and seems to be working faster.
    idle temperature has decreased to 39 degrees of celsius.
    gonna go run a game and then report back.

    EDIT: when in game, the temp varies between 45 and 50 degrees.
  11. thats ok, now try going higher
  12. did you succeed?
  13. sorry it took me this long, had some major exams at college and then the holidays came so alcohol came with them :D
    well, back to overclocking. i reset everything so now i'm just gonna do it again. reporting back as soon as i boot back up successfully :)

    EDIT: houston...we have a problem...the display driver BSOD is back...that's interesting...gonna have to look into that before i can go through with any overclocking because i can barely boot up...
  14. sorted everything out. it's running at 3.11ghz and it's very stable, not overheating either. not gonna go any higher...dont need to fry my cpu :p
  15. hi i am trying to overclock my E6550 and i have had it showing 5.2 in bios and when i load windows it still sows standard speeds in cpu-z .............. i set my cpu back down untill it shows 4.06 Ghz and the cores was runing at 34C and 36c and it still shows standard speed in cpuz any ideas ppl ??

    8Gb DDR2 800Mhz
    Asus P5N-E SLI
    260GTX gold edition
  16. i forgot to say my heatsink and fan is
    Zalaman CPNS9900NT
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