Upgrading Hardware (First Time)

Hey all, I am remodeling my PC entrails and was looking for some advice, I am looking to be able to sufficiently play 'FFXIV' and also Render from 3d Studio Max for university. Although not at the same time.

My budget is around £600.00 (UK) the price isn't important its more advice and guidance I'm looking for so I can become more efficient at this in the future.

My Computer stands as:
Mobo: P5N32-SLI Premium
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 2.40Ghz
GPU: Radeon x1600 series
RAM: DDR2 800mhz 2gb (2x1gb)
OS: Windows 7 64bit

I was hoping someone could shed some light on how I could upgrade sufficiently with the 'mobo' I have, if not what to get.

As far as power pack voltage and over clocking goes, I am new to the concepts completely. I have no idea how to determine the voltage required when it comes to power packs. As far as over-clocking goes I have researched how they work. I just have no practical experience what-so-ever.

The best I can come up with is to increase the processor to a E6700, and possible over clock it? Although I am nervous to do so.
Grab a Nvidia GTX 460 1gb VRAM for the board, but again i am not sure if the 'mobo' or processor could support it?
And finally increasing the RAM to 4bg of 1066Mhz.

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

There is a link to FFXIV System spec's.

Thank you,

Marc Cameron
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  1. With the exception of the x1600 and need to plus up your memory to 4GB, what have now is okay for most apps. However, all are somewhat dated.

    There is almost no reason to spend money on a CPU (i.e. E6700) upgrade. The jump in performance would be negligible. OCing you E6600 (they do so nicely) is an option here. To do much with the CPU, you would have to buy a new CPU, mobo, and memory (DDR3).

    If I wanted to stretch my funds a bit, I would update only my memory to 4GB and add a new GPU. While I am not an Nvidia fan, the 460 should do nicely.

    Go to misco.co.uk and enjoy! Later.
  2. your desk bet for an upgrade would be a Core2Quad, if you want to keep the same motherboard.

    the 460 1GB is an excellent choice, as is 4 GB of RAM. FFXIV seems to be set up for quad core processors, so you'll see the best improvement with that.

    Otherwise, a whole new system is in order
  3. Checking the Asus website indicates that this mobo will not work with quad core processors (at least not on their blessed list). Others may have tried and gotten Q6XXX series CPUs to work in this mobo.

    ScrewySqrl is right though. To bump up the CPU means you need bump up the entire guts (CPU/mobo/RAM) in addition to the GPU. You could buy a decent quad core AMD system with 4GB of memory with your budget, but would likely have to spend more if you included the GPU (I understand prices in the UK tend to be much higher than here in the US).
  4. Ill need to investigate the quad core idea! As COLGeek says its not on the Asus site as a possiblility but i will research it and see how other people have came about this.

    How do I support the graphics card power wise?

    I'm not sure how to determine the power requirements...

    Ill probably increase the RAM and GPU to the best of my ability and over clock the E6600 until I can save up for a new mobo and i5/i7 processor I think.
  5. the base suggestion for a 460 is a 450W PSU, what it really NEEDS is about 24 amps on the 12v line.
  6. Radeon HD 5850 1gb VRAM vs the Nvidia GTX 460 1gb VRAM ?
  7. 460 is very close in performance to the 5850. (less than 5% difference in most games), enough that the 5850 is not worth the price increase.
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