Completely Erasing HDD

I just built my brand new computer and i can boot ubuntu 12.10 from a USB stick, but i have a WD Velociraptor 150GB that i'm trying to completely wipe, because there WERE two velociraptors that were RAIDed together, but the RAID microcontroller burnt out and completely FUCKED the HDD, what i'm tyring to do now is erase the messed up files from the HDD and make it able to run windows. I'm running ubuntu 12.10 but i can use WINE to install windows programs if that's what i need to use.

P.S i'm not trying to get rid of sensitive information, i just want to get all my 150GB of space back without striped windows files getting in the way of my processes

Love your help! :love: :hello:
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  1. I have a utility that provides links to other Western Digital Data Lifeguard downloads:

    You should be able to erase the HDD using those tools.
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