Another 4/8pin cpu/mobo problem

Hey people,

I apologise in advance for adding another one of these questions to the forum, but I did check other threads and none awnsered my question so here it is.

I am building a brand new system with an AMD phenom ii x4 970BE CPU and a Gigabyte GA-890GBA-UDH3 Motherboard which requires an 8 pin input. I can't find any plausable 8 pin CPUs, so I was wondering what are my options and what is the best thing to do?

Once again sorry for asking I really don't want to muck this up.

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  1. All you have to do is plug the 4-pin aux power connector on your PSU into one end of the 8-pin socket on the mobo. Should work just fine.

    Note which end the locking tab is on the 8-pin socket. That is the end to secure the 4-pin power connector to.

    Good luck!
  2. I heard there can be complications doing that with quad cores, but I'll take your word for it, thanx alot! :)
  3. No complications in the systems I have configured the same way. Some have said that if you are going to attempt heavy overclocking that the 8-pin power connection is preferable. Today's CPUs are pretty efficient so you should be good to go.
  4. 4 pin is for CPUs with less than approx 130 Watt power
    8 Pin is for CPUs with > 130 watts power

    Diff is that 8 pins decreases the current carried by an individual pin. 8 pins in parrallel have al lower I sq R loss than 4 Pins.
    If have 8 Pin, better choice, But if only 4 pins then fine for CPUs less than 130 watts.
  5. ^+1.

    You could use 140W 965BE for example with a 4 pin connector, but you really want the 8pin connector especially if you're going to overclock it :D. the 970 is 125W so it will be fine even if you overclock it a little. My 955 c2 is a 125W CPU and it runs just fine with my PSU which only has a 4-pin connector
  6. What PSU do you have anyways though? There are 4+4 pin designs.
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