Hard disk(?) Error

I've been running Win8 since launch date and didn't really have a problem with it. Occasionally it would freeze and crash, but would always boot up no problem.

However yesterday it happened again. The computer more or less froze with mouse movement being jagged and the hard drive whirring and clicking and the computer just conked out, and would not boot again.

The computer would just keep trying to boot windows and after 20 minutes or so would just BSOD. I was able to use my disc to force an automatic repair and now every third time it boots or so it will launch (and fail) an automatic repair.

I refreshed the system and was able to boot again, but the exact same problem occurred, though this time I was able to load task manager and check what was going on before the crash. The disk usage on one of my drives (the one not containing my OS) was at 100%, whereas the primary drive was at 0%. The combined transfer rate of all processes was 0.4Mb/s.

The computer crashed again and kept automatic repairing, I was able to boot into Safe Mode (which I can only do after the automatic repair takes its time to do sweet nothing). So I ran Chkdsk on both hard drives, and formatted (reset) the computer the long way.

I was able to boot up again, was 30 seconds in and the computer crashed. I then disconnected the troublesome hard drive, reset again and exact same problem. I am able to read all my files fine from Linux so the HDD should be alright.
I have replaced both hard drives and my memory.

At the moment I'm in safe mode (which works flawlessly) and quite annoyed.

I cannot do a clean boot or boot into diagnostic start up. I can boot once and last about 10 minutes, I am unable to boot into non-safe mode again.

Any help to rectify this would be appreciated.

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  1. When safe mode runs but normal mode doesn't, it's usually a sign that you've got a bad third-party driver installed, and that can include third-party software which installs drivers, such as a firewall, antivirus or disc-burning software.

    It's certainly not bad hardware as if it was, you wouldn't be able to run safe mode either.
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