Advise on best GPU card to send signal to HDTV.

Building a new PC this fall.
Probably will use the following:
Processor: i7 920
MoBo: Asus P6T Deluxe V2
Mem: 6 gig DDR3 2000
The main reason I’m posting is for recommendations on the best video card to send the signal from my PC to my 50” plasma via HDMI. I will be using it to do this approximately once a week. Other than that, no special video card needs over and above normal PC usage, as I’m not a gamer.
I’ve used NewEgg in the past with good results, but will try eBay too. Budget? Not sure, but under $500 (?)
Won’t be overclocking.
The resolution on my TV seems to be approximately 1050x768.
I’ll be re-using my current power supply, an EnerMax EG365P-VE 350 watt, unless I calculate (or you advise) I need more power.
I have used ATI AIW cards in the past, but am not committed to using just ATI.
I will have an internal BluRay drive, as well as one maybe two, 1TB internal SATA hard drives.
The specs I’ve detailed are tentative, and I’d change upon a good recommendation.
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  1. if you just on hulu and suchlike, then a 5570 would be sufficient.

    you could probably go even cheaper, but for HD playback you'd be better of with the little bit more power.
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