Optiplex GX280 upgrade

Currently have a 40 gig hard drive and a 400 gig bookshelf for backup. The bookshelf started acting up and I decided to add a 500 gig internal drive (western digital caviar black). Will my current power supply handle both internal drives or will I need to swap out the original? Only mod to the original small tower (older unit) is maxed out memory.

Thanx - Smitty
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  1. You should be fine if that's all you're changing, assuming you're only using one of the hardrives at a time. At idle, they don't use much energy.
  2. The only time both might be used would be during data transfer which should be bery seldom.

    Thanx - Smitty
  4. Quote:
    does your psu have more than one sata powercable?

    I don't know at this time. I will have to open it up today and find out. The new hard drive is supposed to be here on the 27th.

    Thanks - Smitty
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    I know the unit well, it was once voted the best business class unit made in like 2004 or something like that.
    it either has the 285-watt or 305-watt power supply.
    you'll be fine with that extra hardware.

    Appreciate the input. I have finally opened up the unit and found that everything is set up for a second SATA drive. I think I have downloaded all the info necessary from Dell and Western Digital to do the installation when the unit arrives.

    Thanx again - Smitty
  6. Quote:
    does your psu have more than one sata powercable?

    Opened it up this AM and checked. The power cable has a parallel connector attached and the motherboard has one more SATA controller connector (SATA2). It appears to have everything required to connect a second drive.

    Thanx for the help - Smitty
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