GTX460 Problems

Hey guys,
So i have this awful problem with ALL video cards in my current set up, firstly i had a 4870 512mb ddr5 which locked up on me every 5 mins, so i borrowed a 8600GT off a friend to replace it, but it seemed to artifact every 5 minutes putting the wrong textures in all the wrong places, for eg. i could see random spell thumbnails for spells across the ground, or even on my character in WoW, so i thought *** it and bought a GTX460 today but it does THE SAME thing as the 8600GT... :(

current set up is:
e8400 Dualcore @ 3.2Ghz
3gb Corsair Dominator 1066MHz Memory
GA-P31-s3g Motherboard
Corsair 650w PSU
with my GTX460 which is also giving me nasty artifacts and putting the wrong textures in the wrong places, ive done NO O/C'n what so ever, and is running at a cool 38-45
running XP SP3

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  1. Three cards and the same or similar symptoms? Gotta suspect the motherboard.
  2. i have suspected the mobo, the ATI just locked up and gave Recovery errors?, the 8600GT is the EXACT problem as the 460. rang my mate who i got the 8600gt off and he said straight up, motherboard. so im going to take it into my trusty mates down at a local cusom build shop and ask them for an hour or 2 in there workshop and a lend of a few 775 mobos, thanks for reinforcing the motherboard suspect
  3. That's just what it sounds like to me but it could be something else but one change to a known working board, whilst a PITA would give you a yes or no answer. Let us know how it turns out.
  4. just got a new motherboard and upgrading from xp 64 to 7, fingers crossed
  5. it seemed to have worked for me, but i need new memory, seeing the board i just bought doesn't support 1066mhz memory... -.- but on the box it says it does, typical gigabyte
  6. what mobo did you get? Can you not just set the RAM freq in BIOS? Could be a small issue, depending.
  7. actually ended up being a faulty motherboard, got it replaced the next day, also picked up win 7 prof, new motherboard and OS, and all my problems have faded!
  8. Sweet! Glad to hear that you got it sorted.
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