Ok what is the best build i can get from my current comp

Hello and welcome i am wondering what the very best build i can get from my comp is without buying a new one. I have a 250 watt psu which is the thing that is holding me back and i dont think my case can hold any bigger and i have an oem. i have a f690gvm mobo that can support a 65 watt processor and i have 3 sticks of Hyundai electronics ram each 1 gig and i have never heard of them making ram sticks before but w/e they are all ddr2 in dont know how many pins they have. and i have a gt 220 1 gig.
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  1. Thing is if you update your cpu with something like a x2 6000 and get some new DDR2 ram you'll want a new psu anyway.

    My honest opinion would be to save up and get a mid range am3 board, ddr3 ram is cheap at the minute and a cheap Phenom II would be a nice upgrade.
  2. what model computer do you have?
  3. Yeah I agree with beanoslim, it would be a lost cause and an exercise in frustration to throw more of your hard earned $$ into such an older system, I did exactly that once, never again, not worth the hassel ..:)
  4. i have acer 3100 OEM so i dont think a new mobo will fit in i mean this case and mobo fit snugly together almost like its ment for this one for but idk how to take a picture of it and get it on here
  5. typing acer 3100 into google images brings up picures of a laptop...
  6. Flogging a dead horse springs to mind.

    Upgrading to a newer system with a new case is the way to go and will last you a while, even if you update your system you will still be out of date.

    Be patient, save your money and make the move, thats my advice anyways. ;)
  7. its desktop model
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