I have decided to buy "ASUS P8Z68 V PRO" motherboard. But it's not “New B3 Revision”certified. is it safe to buy????
New B3 Revision article http://event.asus.com/2011/mb/Identify_B3_Motherboards/
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  1. It's a Z68, not a P67. B3 revision doesn't apply to Z68.
  2. ^+1 NO 'reputable' reseller is selling any B2, and correct ALL 100% Z68's are B3 - the recall was prior to the Z68's release.

    The ASUS P8Z68 V PRO is an excellent MOBO for OC! Enjoy! :)
  3. GhislainG said:
    It's a Z68, not a P67. B3 revision doesn't apply to Z68.

    GIGABYTE's Z68 motherboards are B3 certified. Then why not ASUS???
  4. It's a marketing trick to make people feel good, but it's meaningless for a Z68 chipset based motherboard. Buy the Gigabyte if it makes you feel safer, but both the Asus and the Gigabyte have the exact same Z68 chipset.

    Edit: I checked a few Gigabyte Z68 motherboards on Newegg and I haven't found one that's B3 certified.
  5. I agree with that 'Certified' 'stuff', and it makes 0 (zero) difference to 'us' what MOBO the OP purchases. We 'try' to keep an eye on what MOBO's are good, bad, best suited for a specific purpose(s), and if there's some tweaks that help the MOBO's run better.

    Gigabyte, I hated most of their LGA 1366 lines, but I like most of their LGA 1155 lines - they improved quality to both their low to high-end lines. Gimmicky add-on features like 'USB TURBO' have backfired because it interferes with the GPU PCIe lanes (sharing) so you can go for x16 -> x8 if it's enabled; no so good if you have a GTX 570~590, etc. Fix Disable.

    To a degree you are getting what you pay for, and there are MOBO's better suited for 'use' or have minimum requirements for example target OC or CF/SLI.

    ASUS P67/Z68 Pro level or higher, Gigabyte UD5 or UD7 series - all are good.


    To better help you, what are your requirements and what is your 'use' for this new build?
  6. Wouldn Know..
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