24 inch lcd monitor vs 32 lg lcd tv

i have a question what would be better to use.....i have a 24 inch samsung lcd 1080p 60hz monitor....i bought my gf a 32 inch lg 1080p 120hz lcd tv...she doesnt want the tv anymore...something with the 120hz making everything look fake or something.i am using the samsung at the moment...should i switch to the tv instead as my computer screen...any pros or cons to using the tv or should i stick with the 24 monitor instead...im running phenom x4 3.4ghz/xfx 5850gpu...any suggestion?...thanks
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  1. Same resolution, What distance will you be from screen?
    Too close, eyes will dart back and forth.
    If you watch videos, streaming media. Go with the 32"
  2. For gaming the 24" is really optimal. You don't have to move your head all over. Plus you won't be playing a game at 120Hz on the TV. Your video card will still output 60Hz, the TV just has a motion enhancer thing that runs the screen at 120Hz which makes the image move smoother, and sometimes appear faster. I know what you are saying that it makes everything look fake. It bugs your eyes out a bit.

    True 120Hz requires a dual link DVI cable. HDMI is really just single link DVI with audio. Stick with the 24" unless you are watching movies or doing multimedia like mhelm1 said.
  3. Your gf could easily set the HDTV to 60Hz mode so that she doesn't get "fake video".

    If your are gonna game on any 120Hz (or 240Hz) HDTV, then always, always set it to 60Hz mode. Otherwise the video motion enhancer mode of 120Hz (and 240Hz) HDTVs will create a little bit of input lag.
  4. i will be on my desk so probably 2-3 feet away...how does text images look on the screen...is it worse than a monitor....i dont watch movies on my monitor i usually hook it up to my projector so i can shoot it onto the wall...(720p) projector....so if i connected the tv to my computer im not gonnna get 120hz out of the tv even though im gonna be using hdmi cable?
  5. A single DVI-D or HDMI cable connection operates at 60Hz.

    120Hz PC monitors and 120Hz HDTVs operates differently.

    As I stated before 120Hz HDTVs (and 240Hz too) does video processing to "improve video quality" and motion. This video processing causes a little bit of lag. A 120Hz PC monitor uses a dual DVI-D connection and each individual 60Hz connection basically sends data to half of the screen for better screen refreshes.
  6. 2-3 ft. will not be too bad. You will want to find a more readable font and increase the size.
    Don't commit right away, it takes 5 minutes to hook it up and see if you like it.
    Give it a try first!
  7. like my girlfriend says: "the bigger the better...and honey.... you're the best!"

    ha ha ha anyways, yeah, go for the tv, whats the specs of your rig... you could even do a bit of 3D!! optimal at 12o hz

    just my thought

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