OCZ 700watt for 570 SLI ??


Can this work ?

Thank you all !!!!
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  1. It would be pushing it based on this http://www.anandtech.com/show/4051/nvidias-geforce-gtx-570-filling-in-the-gaps/15 looking at GTX470 in SLI (close in consumption)
  2. Without knowing the rest of your system cpu, drives, fans etc its difficult to say.

    The cards are going to draw around 450w plus the rest of your system.

    Also you will need 4xpci-e connections or some pci-e adapters.
  3. No, absolutely not... not because of the PS, but because of the cards, you are going to overkill it.

    Also, I guess that you are implying about the OCZ 700 ModXstream which only got 2 PCIe molex adapter. You need 4. The best config would be two 6850 since they only need 1 molex each.
  4. i agree with dadiggle
  5. Sorry,net trouble....

    REST of the machine :

    Q9550 2,8 Q 3,7Ghz
    4x1 RAM
    2x1 Raptor
    1 dvd drive
    Thank you all
  6. is it possible?
  7. Yeah you want a good quality 750w+ PSU, this would be my choice.
  8. .. than maybe a dual chip card from ATI 6999 or Nv 595... when the time comes?
    Thank you masters
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