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Guys -- I need a new rig, and was hoping to get your advice. I need to do some serious data processing modeling w/ statistics sw (basically just a bunch of io over and over), and some small-time family pic/video editing stuff. I don't plan on much gaming at this point. Can you guys critique my setup? Are all these pieces compatable? I'm going to get a 23 or 27" touchcscreen and load up win8. I want to stay under $2000 w/o factoring in the monitor. Thanks.


mobo- asrock extreme6 x79, lga2011 (supports ivybridge), 8 ram slots, 3 pci3, custom bios - $230

cpu- intel i7-3820, quad-core hyperthreading 3.6-3.9ghz, 10mb l3 - $300

ram- corsair 8x4-32gb ddr3, 1600 - $185

video- nvidia gigabyte gtx650 pcie3.0 x16, 1032mhz 2gb ddr5, 768 cuda, 2560x1600 - $175

fast storage--4 mushkin 90gb ssds (in raid 0 w/ trim on windows 8) - $340

mb/s read, 510mb/s write, 88000 iops 4k random writes ... hope to reach something close 2gb/s write with 4 ssds in raid 0>

ssds later>

raid controller- highpoint rocketraid 2720sgl pcie 2.0 x8 - $160

gb/s with 4 ssds?> 2720SGL

traditional storage--some spinning thing, maybe WD 7200rpm, 500GB, 32MB cache -- $75

optical - asus 24x dvd - $20

power- seasonic 650w modular - $130

case- something nice quiet - ~$200

keyboard,etc -- ~$40


TOTAL = $1855
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  1. looks ok. I'd get a 2TB, better $/GB. other than that not much
  2. If you haven't got any ideas for a case, take a look at Antec P280 and Fractal Design Define R4 (which are available in other colors as well)
  3. man, this board is super!

    great idea on the bigger spinning thing (want to check seek time stuff tho) ... and thanks for the case suggestions (I'm clueless on what is good these days).

    main questions:
    (1) Am I going to see ~2gb/sec seq r/w with those ssds in raid0? that's what the whole setup is focused around really.
    (2) Are there any compatibility issues? can I plug it all into the mobo, etc?
  4. from paper spec yes you should see 2gb/s and a little more. sometimes reality is different but I think you're about as close to 2gb/s as you can.

    looks all compatible.
  5. Use your existing SATA6 in MB - cuz Rocket RAID does not buy you anything. It still a fake raid - same thing as MoBo BIOS's RAID
  6. yes you could get away with the onboard raid, but I'd still prefer a pcie card. here is a roundup on tomshardware of a coupla raid controllers including the rocketraid you are looking at,3028-14.html

    and on tweaktown they gave it a best value award and 91%
  7. With RAID0, there should be no diff...
    If you use RAID5, then yes.. but still would not touch RAID5 with fake raid :-). Just me
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