Hello forum,
I am looking into buying a decent 128GB SSD for a good price, preferably under £80.
Searching around, I have found this SSD for £54.99:

Is this a good SSD or not? Is it slow for it's price range or should i spend a few more pounds and get myself a better SSD? How does this stack up against high end SSDs?
Thanks, olie777.
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  1. It's not blazing fast... it's actually rather slow but what will separate this from other drives is it's reliability... Sandisk will have top notch firmware support and they manufacture their own chips which have a history of great reliability...

    I don't know UK prices but this seems to be about the market rate for 120-128GB low-end drives in the US right now...

    (although, it seems like a bad time to buy SSD's... seems like the price of them went up in the past few months... no good deals recently)

    but honestly... you probably will not see a massive difference IRL between top-end and average SSD...
  2. I will have the build for quite a long time so I think I should get the best SSD for under £80. As this is a low end SSD, could you direct me to a mid-end/high end one?
  3. I just purchased my 2nd SSD for my 2nd laptop... my first one is the OCZ Agility 4 but I would not recommend it much because it's slower than other drives... the one I just got is also a Sandisk but the "Extreme" edition...

    I don't know where you can get it in the UK but I got the 240GB version from amazon... the one is more expensive but here is the link to the 120GB version from Amazon:

    I haven't received it yet but I've read many good things about it (amazon reviews will also confirm this) it's mid-high speed/performance and Sandisk makes some reliable chips... should be a good drive for a very nice price... I can let you know in a day or two how it's running once I receive it...
  4. A 240GB OCZ Vertex 4 is extremely fast and has really good reviews. 120,000 IOPS and really nice read\write speeds 'life also'.
  5. The Samsung 830's are a great deal atm.
    - Thanks to the Samsung 840's being released you may be able to get a good deal on one. (They used to be 'top dog').
  6. Quote:
    The Samsung 830's are a great deal atm.
    - Thanks to the Samsung 840's being released you may be able to get a good deal on one. (They used to be 'top dog').

    Yeah, just found a 256GB model for £139.99. This is a good deal, right? It's statistically faster than the 840 non-pro.

  7. So, SanDisk SDSSDX-240G-G25 or SAMSUNG 830? I can find the sandisk for under £120 and the samsung for £140.
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