Installing the stock i7 950 heatsink

Hi, I am at a complete loss on how to install the stock heatsink for the i7 950 CPU. The instructions that come with the CPU and mobo are, pardon me, completely retarded and indecipherable on what order to push the plastic clips in, which way to have them oriented, etc. I was wondering if anyone coud tell me how to install it properly?
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  1. Sorry Ididn't specify, I did look at multiple guides on the internet including those you linked. None of them were of any help; the somethings were vague in the guides as in the instruction manual. Eventually through trial and error I figured it out. Thanks for offering your assistance though.
  2. welshmousepk said:

    LOL, thanks i always wanted a site that could do this
  3. Youtube will help. Just type in something like "install heatsink on i7"
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