A8AE-LE Motherboard

I have a A8AE-LE motherboard on my desktop.
The video card is failing.
I bought a Radeon HD5450.
I installed the software, shut down, installed the video card and fired it up.
Nothing happens.
According to the instructions I need to disable the original video card but I am not sure how to do that without potentially messing up the entire system.
Is this normal?
Can anyone explain how I go about this.
Thanks a lot.
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  1. Welcome Bob to Tom's Forum! :)

    The ASUS A8AE-LE is an HP OEM MOBO, and the BIOS is limited but it should have an option to {Init display first (PCIe Slot)}, you don't need to necessarily Disable the onboard VGA for the discrete GPU to function normally.

    Next, your monitor must be connected to the HD 5450 GPU, and not the onboard VGA from the MOBO's I/O.

    Once your HD 5450 is running you might want to disable the onboard VGA both in the BIOS and Windows Device manager - some BIOS only allow you to lower the 'shared' RAM in that case use the lowest value.
  2. I have the exact same issue. I have a different PCI-e video card that works on this MB. But once I swap it out with the HD5450, no BIOS post, nothing at all... I have 2 HD5450 and both of them behaves the same, so I can almost rule out a bad card (unless both are bad, they are both brand new) :pt1cable:

    Anyone have any idea what is causing the no video output?
  3. Replace your battery.

    The A8AE-LE motherboard WILL NOT POST IF THE BATTERY IS MISSING OR LOW VOLTAGE (or if it does, will not reboot and will hang windows xp on startup)

    Hope this helps ;)
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