Ready to install but dont know how to apply thermal paste

hi, i just bought my cpu and in the instructions it says that thermal paste should be used on the cpu, and that its pre-applied on the heatsink. so im just wondering ( i bought retail amd 640) does that mean that all i have to do is install it? or do i need to apply thermal paste to the cpu also?, i assumed it was pre applied when i bought it, being that its retail, but now im unsure and i dont want to overapply it if its already there.
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    if your heatsink has pre-applied thermal paste, then DO NOT apply more on the CPU.
  2. ok, so for future reference if cpu or heat sink doesnt have thermal paste , that means i should just apply it on either or?
  3. If you want to make a better job of the pre applied muck clean it all off and follow these instructions.
  4. Arcticsilver guide above is really good. I found this one helpful too. Has some great close up photos:
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