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I was looking for a WD Black 1tb hdd, but I've read some reviews and I understood the Black serie is a noise hdd. I'm using a Corsair Carbide 500r case and the hdd bays are made of rubber. Will it solve the noise issue?

WD does't need to be my choice, I've just read some reviews and I'm thinking WD is the best brand.. Do you have suggestions for a 7200rpm 1tb 64mb drive with a good warranty, like what WD offers?

(It would be better if the brand works in Brazil, brazilians websites addresses are .com.br)

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  1. The WD Caviar Black is their performance drive, so it will produce more noise. The rubber bays wil decrease the sound a little but not by too much. If you want a quieter drive you could either go with the WD Caviar Blue or the Seagate Barracuda. Seagate doesn't provide as much of a warranty, but they preform as good as the Caviar Black but put out as much sound as the Blue.
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