Problems with installing HD on Windows 7

Hello I would love some help on a problem I've had with a hard drive.

I had a Buffalo Linkstation, and yesterday it died a death on me. The data on it is crucial to me - most of it backed up but the 2 week backup schedule is overnight tonight so there are some changes. As such I'd like to preserve the data if possible.

So anyway I took the drive out of the Linkstation, and tried to plug it into my Windows 7 PC. I used an existing SATA connection so I know it works fine.

The disk is found fine in BIOS although it says Master Boot Error - pressing F1 loads Windows as normal from the boot disk.

In Windows it is not showing but does appear in the Disk Management console. I know that is data destructive, but figured I could use recovery software to get my data back. I tried to initialise but it said there was an I/O error.

Curiously the disk shows up as 4TB on the console (well, 3.86TB) when I know it's only 2TB - I feel this could be important.

I booted into Ubuntu using a Pen drive boot, but couldn't see the disk there either.

Regardless of the data on the disk, would be great to bring it back to life as it's a relatively new disk and 2TB is always handy to have.

Does anybody have any ideas?

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  1. I should add, Belarc also reports a weird size:

    ST_M13FQBL [Hard drive] (4.14 GB) -- drive 2, s/n QNR_BFW, rev 05201412, SMART Status: Healthy
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