Geforce 9600 or Geforce 9800 512mb ?

I want to buy a good and cheap graphic card.Could you please tell me which one will be good.Thanks.
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  3. From the thread title, i would say none. HD5750 wold be a better buy.
  4. If you are looking for cheaper and best go with hd5670.
    But if you want to choose between 9600gt and 9800gt ,9800gt is better but a bit old and as hell_storm2004 said HD5750 will sure be better than these two and will help you alot.
  5. I was planing to buy 8500gt with XFX nforce 650i or ASUS PJB UM or ASUS P5NE SLI Could you please suggest me which one i should choose for crysis and COD4 like games.Thanks.
  6. Crysis is a tough game for GPU's to handle. None of the older cards would be able to properly deal with it. What is your budget, your full system specs along with PSU (brand and rating).
  7. Hey buddy my budget for mobo, ram,hard disk,smps and cpu is $440=20585.4000 INR Could you please suggest me for a cool one and ya i don't need the cabinet i have a cool one.Thanks.
  8. Hey Arjun, 20K is cutting it a li'l too fine for a gaming cpu! :( Anyways, will try to stick withing your budget.

    Mobo - Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H for Rs. 5775

    CPU - AMD Phenom II X2 550 for Rs. 4436

    PSU = Coolermaster extreme power plus 500W for Rs.2839

    RAM - Kingston DDR3 4GB for Rs. 6300

    HDD - Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 @ 1TB SATA Internal Hard Drive for Rs.3486

    I'm quite certain that the prices you get from the market will be much cheaper than the ones on the net! Are you in Delhi? If yes, try going to Nehru'll get great deals there!

    Buddy, we're yet to get you a GPU! :( The above itself went a tad over 22K. Will you be able to put in a bit more? Say, about 8K or so?

    I'd suggest you open a fresh thread in the home built systems forum if you're considering getting a complete new rig.
  9. That would kill the purpose of the budget....
  10. :hello: Hi,
    Thanks for your time i just bought the amd cpu AMD phenom x2 550 and msi mobo 785 gm e- 51 500 gb hard disk DVD R/W.Thanks for your time.Your really helped.

    Thanks again
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