If one CPU has a higher benchmark or passmark than another, does it automatically make it better?
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    Well, 'better' depends on more things than raw Calc/Second
    There are plenty of other factors, like power draw, heat, overclocking ability, instruction set compatibility, pricing, operation 'smoothness', etc etc.

    It can of course also vary by the quality of the utility used for benchmarking.

    If its shown through multiple benchmarking utilities to be better in most areas then, well ... it's probably just better.
  2. Well, I'm trying to compare these 2 CPUs (benchmark of 3463) (benchmark of 3425)

    When looking at them without the benchmark, I'd think the 2nd one is better, but then the 1st has a higher benchmark. I'm really just thinking about speed and operation smoothness.
  3. Depends on the benchmark and of course what you want to use it for.

    For example, gaming. If the CPU shows a higher FPS it normally is. But those are real world benchmarks.

    There are synthetic benchmarks that show what it is capable of (i.e. memory benchmark) but that doesn't allways transfer to real world apps.

    Look at this:,2417.html?prod%5B4470%5D=on&prod%5B4757%5D=on

    The highest from both.

    Still synthetic can say this is the best when it comes to memory bandwidth but still doesn't mean it will always be better in a game.
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