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I am currently researching on the components and setup I would like for a new comp. I have been reading around but haven't found anything that answered my question so I thought I would ask here.

What would be the best harddrive setup for a machine that will be used for school work (workprocessing, mathematica) surfing the web, and moderate gaming (Starcraft 2 Dragon Age: Origins and Diablo 3 when it comes out)?

While I've been looking around I have considered small ssd for OS programs with HDD for storage, several HDD in RAID 5, several in RAID 0 with external HDD backup.

I would like a set up that runs as smoothly and quickly as possible.
Would love any input thanks in advance!
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  1. Based on what you said, I believe you should get an small SSD just for your operating system and few essential programs. You could then complement that with a 1TB or greater hard drive for all of your data and storage.

    Do you download a lot of movies/tv shows etc, and need a lot of storage? I just don't see it being necessary to have several HDD's based on your needs.
  2. I don't download large files of eny kind. I have had my current Laptop for 4 years and I have about 30 free gbs on my 120gb hard drive. (dranted I dont have game files because it not a gaming laptop but the HDD I was looking at to pair with my ssd is 750 gb so it seems like enough to me.

    So saying I go with the ssd hdd set up what is best to put on the sdd besides os? I was planning on mapping my documents, my pictures, music to the hdd. Should I put microsoft office on the ssd? what other kinds of things?

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