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Just curious I have a TON of ford navigation sd cards they look like this

I was wanting to use them for other purposes like music/pictures/ etc. Is there anyway to format this thing? I have tried a couple of times but get write protection errors. I should probably just leave it alone but I am stubborn. Any ideas?

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  1. Slide the white tab on the side of the card and try again.

    If that don't work try this app ^
  3. I slide the tab all over fully forward/ back and in the middle with no luck I also downloaded that program and tried it and when I click format it says "The Memory card is write protected please release the write protect switch"
  4. could be defective
  5. Could be WORM flash?
  6. Worm flash meaning it can only be written to once?
  7. Being from Ford Corporation it may well be a WORM sd card.,2817,2367161,00.asp < Here is why
  8. Okay now for my next question. Is there any work around for this worm flash sd card? Or is it a dead end?
    I did a google search but came up with nothing.
  9. No it's a write once.
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