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Clarification of Center/Subwoofer

I have a dedicated subwoofer that I would like to use with my desktop. One of the audio ports on my mobo says that its Center/Subwoofer. Yet when I plug my subwoofer in that socket, I get no sound coming out of it. If I open up the Realtek Audio Manager, I can swap Center and Subwoofer and it would make a loud sound (but terrible because subwoofers should not play central sounds).

So why does it not recognize the subwoofer? How do I get my subwoofer to work?

My motherboard is ASUS Sabertooth X58.
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    What connector does your sub use? I assume an 1/8" connector, does it have a ring and a tip or just a tip? Your computer is likely trying to push the sub down either the ring or the tip and the center down the other, if your sub has both it might not work.
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  3. Oh yes! Thank you for making me realize what it means. I changed the cable and now it works! Thanks so much. :D
  4. Glad it works! Enjoy!
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