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Hello all, I ordered a new laptop and it is on the way. They didnt have the sdd I wanted, so I ordered a Samsung 840 pro 256gb. I have done a little research and I think I just need to do a fresh install of my OS when my laptop arrives. My laptop comes with a 7200rpm hdd.

As i am reading through the "Useful SSD Articles" above, I have some questions. Before I plug in my new ssd, I'm assuming I have to plug it in and format it get ready for the fresh install of W7. What type of settings do I format with? After I do that, do I switch the bios setting to AHCI? Also, what else do I need to do other than just pop in the W7 dvd and do a fresh install. I would like to set up the HDD as my storage drive if I can. What is the best way to do this in terms of performance? Just keep all downloads on the ssd and leave the ssd for basically just the OS? Thank you!
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  1. Remove the HDD and do the fresh install with just the SSD installed. Have AHCI enabled in BIOS before you do the install.
  2. Don't format the SSD! The win installer will do that for you and it will do it with the right settings. Before you plug the ssd in, make sure you have all the drivers needed on hand. Most important is the network driver (wired or wireless) to get on the net after the install. And the win product key of cause. And you need to set the AHCI before the install, but an a new laptop it should be set anyway.
    Your laptop has a slot for a second hdd? Then you can use it for programs and data. Most laptops have a recovery partition on there hdd, to set it back to factory defaults. Don't delete that if you don't need the space. It may save your life, just in case you have to rma the device for some reason.
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