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Hello all! I am about to purchase a SSD and from what I gathered on various sites it is better to setup a raid with 2 or more ssd versus 1 big ssd for fastest speeds. If this is correct is it possible to setup 3 ssd's on a raid setup with sata 3 speeds? I ask this because all in all I want 480gb of SSD storage and I was going to purchase the single 480gb ssd, but then I stumbled on the raid info. So now my setup would be 1 240gb, 2 120gb ssd's. I have never raided before so I am not super clear on what I am doing so the simpler the answer the better lol. To summarize my question in less words it would be can I put 3 ssds in a raid at sata 3 speeds, or would it be smarter to go raid 0 with 2 240gb ssds. I don't want to sacrifice any speed for memory here, thanks!
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    For home use an SSD Raid makes not much sense.
    - You need all SSDs the same size
    - I one drive dies, all is gone
    - Also backup and restore can cause trouble when moving drives to another hardware config.
    - Mostly 240+ GB drive have full performance.

    For easy use I would recommend just using a single huge drive! SSDs are fast enough and don't need RAID 0.
    Don't forget to make backups.
    I like Samsung SSDs:
    The 840 is meant for home use, the 840 Pro is for enthusiasts and pros, has best in class performance.
  2. from what I gathered on various sites it is better to setup a raid with 2 or more ssd versus 1 big ssd for fastest speeds
    - There are articles advising against doing this more than there are suggesting it.

    In fact, larger SSD's generally have higher performance than the exact same series with a lower capacity as they're internally different!

    Using RAID may also interfere with TRIM support, which will ultimately kill all the drives within 3 years.
    - Depends on the chipset, either be prepared to do a lot more research (and understand which is better 240+120+120, 240+240, 480, etc. and why) or just get a single ~480 GB SSD and be done with it.
  3. Alright guys I guess I will have to dig a little deeper with this before I purchase. Thank you!
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