ASUS or MSI P67 Motherboard

I am "refreshing" my PC with a new MB/CPU/memory and decided to go with the i3-2100 as the processor as price is a concern. I would like to kind of future proof with the motherboard but I don't do any HEAVY gaming. I play SC2, Fallout3, but nothing too crazy.

I would like something very reliable, easy to use, and inexpensive.

I will be using it with an older Gen 4870 graphics card and regular HDD, no SLI or Xfire will be in my future.

I am currently looking at these 2 motherboards and wondering which would be better or maybe more reliable? I am familiar with ASUS but not MSI.

Any other suggestions less than $130 would work too.

Also is it worth it for me to get a Z68 chip over the P67?

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