256GB Agility 4 vs 240GB Sandisk Extreme for gaming?

So here's my issue... about a month or so ago I bought a gaming laptop (ASUS G75VW) and got a 256GB OCZ Agility 4 for it on sale during the Cyber Monday sales... I installed a couple of games and it worked nice so far... I installed what I needed but it's still not a whole lot that I would be losing at this point...

now... I have a year-old ASUS U30SD (13in portable) that I just purchased a 240GB Sandisk Extreme for... but the more reviews and benchmarks I look at, the more it seems to make sense for me to put the Sandisk into the gaming laptop due to the better performance...

Sandisk seems to have slightly worse write performance but significantly better read performance which I think would be great great great for gaming... but it comes with 2 downsides: 1) I would have 16GB less of storage which is a game or maybe even two these days and 2) I would have to reinstall everything (I don't want to clone it, I don't have that much on it that I can't just reinstall Win7 on it)

It's not that much to reinstall but my biggest problem is that I would be losing 16 gigs by putting in the Sandisk in my gaming rig... so here's my question... does the faster read speed of the Sandisk translate to a better gaming performance? 1-2 frames maybe? Will the performance improvement (if there's any) justify losing the 16GB of extra capacity on the OCZ?

bottom line... better for gaming rig, slight bump in performance or extra 16GB??

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  1. I'd say the OCZ takes more power and the Sandisk is perfect for a gaming laptop and takes less power. My games load in an instant on my Sandisk 120GB SSD. It really just comes down to what you play games on and which one to have more battery life 'if you care for that'. The Sandisk has allot more IOPS but, the Sandisk write isn't all that much worse so what you want is read speed for gaming. I'd say use the Sandisk for gaming.
  2. thanks... it seems OCZ has rather poor durability so I would rather prefer to lose just game files in case the OCZ crashes on my gaming rig than photos, documents, music, etc on my mobile machine that I will be using more often

    also I will need more space for games and less for daily use, so it makes sense to keep the OCZ for gaming and Sandisk for daily use... on top of that, the superior power consumption of Sandisk makes it better for my portable... my gaming laptop is always plugged in, I don't care about power consumption there... but all in all, it probably makes negligible real life difference

    So I've made my decision if anyone is facing a similar issue:
    1) Real life performance will probably be negligible... extra second loading Windows or a game if that probably will not make any actual difference
    2) Sandisk is more reliable, documents are more valuable than game files which are easily re-downloadable
    3) 16 extra GB will be great for gaming
    4) Sandisk's improved battery life is better for the portable laptop than the gaming machine that will always be plugged in

    Hope this helps others...
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