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I'm building my little brother a media PC for his birthday - looking to pinch every penny, ideally keeping spend around $2-300.

Currently have:

Spinpoint F3 1 TB drive
Windows 7 Ultimate
30 ft of HDMI cable
Could salvage the case, floppy and CD drives, and a 250W power supply from a Dell Dimension 2400, circa 1999.

PC will only be used for movies and light web browsing. No gaming. Form factor and aesthetics are unimportant, as the system will be hidden and controlled wirelessly via Android. If it's feasible and saves $50, I'd rather salvage the case.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. I neglected to mention I've got access to a GIGABYTE Radeon HD 4350 512MB. I could pick it up for $30 (or my friend sends it back with a restocking fee). Old card, not sure if it's appropriate for this build.
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    ^ If the PSU is working fine, then you wont need a new one...
    As for rest of the parts, if they are in decent condition and will get the job done, then I dont see the need for newer parts...
    So the things left out are the CPU, mobo and RAM
    X2 245 + Biostar 880G
    You wont need the 4350, the onboard would suffice...

    RAM - If 4 GB needed ?
    Or 2GB will also be fine as you can add 2 GB more later on...
  3. an 11 year old PSU? from Dell?

    I'd replace it! you won't need much if you stick with onboard PSU, a 350-400W Antec or Sea Sonic would be great, they run about $40. a400 would let you add a low-nd vid card later (like a GTS 450 or HD5750)
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  5. I ended up grabbing the combo gkay09 suggested, and added an APEX TX-381-C case and a cheap but well reviewed power supply. Total with shipping came to $202.91, right in line with my budget.

    Thanks for the help!
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