Odd Computer Crash Problem

My build is as follows, and was just finished ~3 weeks ago.

-PSU = Antec Neo Eco 620W
-MOBO = MSI 890fxa-gd70
-CPU = Phenom II x4 955 3.2Ghz
-GPU = XFX 5770 1GB
-RAM = 4GB G.Skill DDR3
-Monitor = 1080p Hanns-g
-HDD = WD Caviar Blue 500GB
-Windows 7 64-bit

Lately, my PC has been freezing when I try to attach files to an email. First the keyboard stops working, then the mouse can't click, and finally it stops moving, my CPU temps jump about 6C as well. I use Chrome (stable version) and Windows 7. I've tried without any video drivers, and it still crashes (I use driver version 10.4 and upgrading to 10.9 makes no difference). After forcing a restart, I load up Chrome again, and it says that my saved preferences have been lost. The system is completely stable offline. Anyone know why it crashes or how to diagnose the problem? Thanks.
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    Try disabling your anti-virus software. If that doesn't work, force the problem to occur and note the time. Since you have to force a restart let it sit for a few minutes first, just to put time between the problem and the restart. After restart, open Windows' "Event Viewer" and look under Windows Logs in both the Application and the System logs - are there any errors reported at about the time of the problem?
  2. Hmmm, weird. I disabled AVG 9.0 (free) and it didn't crash, then I enabled it again and it still didn't crash. It seems like its not crashing anymore, and I checked the Windows Event log to try to find a previous crash problem, and all I found was the "Critical" error of me resetting the PC without "proper" shutdown. I guess disabling the Anti-virus worked ... Thanks! I thought I wouldn't be able to fix this one. Now my PC is completely bug free!
  3. Wait ... it froze up again, I checked the windows event logger and it found nothing. I ran Windows memory diagnostic and no problems were found. And this time the internet wasn't even open! It froze when it had been completely idle for about an hour. :(
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  5. Sorry you haven't had any luck with this. I was hoping you'd find that with antivirus off the issue didn't reoccur. You could always try experimenting with turning off various programs. Of course if the situation was repeatable that would be much easier to test.

    You might also want to consider updating your BIOS. I'm not as familiar with MSI. I know that Gigabyte and ASUS provide a means of updating BIOS from within Windows and within BIOS. If MSI is the same way, do NOT use the Windows method. Instead use the at boot or from within BIOS method. Especially in light of your freezing issue doing the update from Windows is more risky. If you have to apply the update from Windows, take your system offline, unplug the ethernet, and shutdown any background programs.

    Best of luck with the freezing.
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