Random drops in connection to pages failing to load properly

This is my setup: Internet arrives at my house at my DSL modem, which is then connected to a firewall router with four ethernet-out ports via a CAT5 cable. My house is wired with CAT5, every room has at least one jack embedded in the wall. I have a big house, which means that four ethernet ports aren't enough, meaning a switch is then connected to the firewall router through which most of the used rooms and their ports have connection to the network. I also have a Wireless G+ Belkin Router that has four ports that are Gigabit which isn't really connected to anything, it just provides Wifi for my house. It manages to just barely provide coverage for the whole house. The Belkin router is about 1 year old and the modem and my switch and firewall router are at least 6 years old, time to upgrade I know, I'll get there once I have diagnosed my problem.

The problem I'm having now is that when I try to load a content rich page, say www.ign.com, the page fails to load, and when I refresh the page it displays a list of all the links of the webpage, kinda like an index, only limited to the links of the one page you're on. If I refresh it again I typically get some color but the images aren't loaded and the search bar isn't there and there are several other missing elements. When I refresh it a third time most of the page loads, but many of the images are broken and aren't displayed. On the fourth refresh I pretty much get the whole page but with a few broken images, displaying only the icon of a ripped page and the three main colors. This problem spans all major browsers, IE8, Firefox (the latest version), and Google Chrome.

I was not having this problem before. Everything loaded quickly and fully but with random drops in connection. I've tried changing the configuration of the connections, running the computers directly through the belkin instead of through the switch as well as connect one computer directly to the modem which fixes the loading issue but not my overarching problem.

What I want to know is what I have to do to get proper loading for all my computers, not just one at a time. My belkin router's firmware is up to date and I am willing to buy a new router, but is this something I can fix with some tweaked settings or do any of you recognize this issue as proof of a faulty router? I don't want to go out and pay $75-130 bucks (US) for a new router and have it not work either. Is it possible that my modem isn't communicating properly with my router (a distinct possibility as when I set my router for PPPoE, the technology of the modem, the router fails to connect)?

Any help is appreciated, and sorry for the long post.
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  1. Man, that thing is really long isn't it? Maybe I should edit some of that out.
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