HI need help with hp pavilion a6400f upgrade

i currently have a hp pavilion a6400f
with an atx250(250w power supply)
running on 8400gs 512 mb
im looking for an upgrade to a video card that is 240 or better
for under 100$ WITH a decent power supply thanks!

looking for the products that fits my needs
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    COOLER MASTER Elite 460 460W
    SAPPHIRE 100287VGAL Radeon HD 5670

    $109.98 but you have a $15.00 mail-in rebate.
  2. is there any nvidia brand graphics cards that will fit my budget?
    along with the extreme series, these are cm's two $h!t series, so get something else.
    heres a good cheap psu
  4. i need to be able to get both th gpu and the psu
  5. anyone D:?
  6. The CM 460 is FSP inside just like the OCZ StealthXStream PSUs and that's not bad.
    In the review the author blasts CM for false advertising because the PSU failed to deliver 460W, however if you look at the numbers you see that the PSU actually delivered 354W (30W more than it's written on the label) on the rail that matters (12V) and the wattage missing is on the +5 and +3.3 V - this doesn't matter.

    For $29.99 is a decent PSU. Another option:

    For Nvidia the closest is the GTS 240 GDDR5 version (not GDDR3).

    but it consumes 10W more and the 5670 is a great card. On the other hand the 240 have a big rebate.

    Added two more cards, the Gigabyte lacks DVI.
  7. i can find the cards with lower prices @ ebay but the time frame is not estimatable
    thanks but 1 last question which is better price wise 79.99$ Radeon HD 5670ddr5 512mb(64.99) with rebate or a 64.99 gt 240 512mb ddr5 roughly the same price
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