AMD 925 x4 2.8ghz Temps

My AMD Phenom II 925 using the Asus temperature monitor that came with my board is reading upwards of 115 degrees Fahrenheit under load, almost immediately after logging out of any game. I for the life of me don't understand why it seems that high. I do have the stock cooler on it, and it is crammed into a Aspire X-Qpack shuttle-case with only one rear, exhaust fan.

Are these temps way too high for my CPU? If so, even though it voids my warranty with AMD, should i just get a third-party cooler? Or are these temps ok?
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  1. 115 degrees Fahrenheit = 46 degrees Celsius

    AMD Specs: Max Temps - 71c
  2. oh ok, great, so those temos aren't too high then! thanks, I think i was confusing the two Celsius temps of 115 are way too high, but not Fahrenheit.
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