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I want to buy a gaming system under 800 bucks and thats my configuration which im thinking -
AMD Athlon ii x4 640 - $110
MSI NF750-G55 - $100
4 GB ram - $100
1 tb hd 7200 - $80
raidmax rx-630z 650 watt - $80
nvidia gtx460 - $200
Any suggestion would be helpful and i am also thinking for sli in the future...
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  1. i forgot the case - thermaltake v3 - $50
  2. Horrible PSU, switch that out before anything.

    I would switch the setup for a i5 one, Nvidia chipsets arnt the best, and an Athlon X4 wont be able to feed dual GTX460s.

    Whats your budget?
  3. rather than $100 on the NForce 750a, go with $59 for the AS Rock 880. and get the samsung F3 1TB drive for $75. use the $45 saved for a Phenom II 955 instead, get some G.Skill DDR3 1600 RAM for $80 instead of $100. Use that money to get a Kingwin-XT1264 cpu cooler and overclock
  4. does i5 support two gtx460s with budget is arnd
    should i go for gtx460 1gb or 768mb....i want to play games like crysis and bad company2
  5. You're still stick with dual X8 with that 750a board, and i5 is indeed limited to dual X8.

    However, the performance hit you get from X8 is only 3-5%, so its not too big of a deal. What resolution is your monitor?
  6. 1920x1080
  7. if i take i5 what board should i get for $100 that supports sli
  8. This would be your cheapest choice, uATX though, but only $75:
  9. its just that with amd you can get a better cpu if you want after 1 or two years....uu dont have to update the motherboard but with intel it doesnt...
  10. Then I would suggest you wait a couple of days for HD6000, then you can get a full AMD based solution.

    However, the fact is with a cooler the i5-750 can easily last you a nice 3 years without lagging behind, and new AMD CPUs after the Thubans probably wont be compatible with AM3.
  11. the problem with evga p55 is that it has very little space for two big gpus like gtx460.....i5 750 is a good choice.....but the problem is with my budget...
  12. Heres your next step up if you want ATX: $125

    Though I would recommend this ASUS for OC:

    Or this Combo:

    On the budget, you can shave $20 off RAM, $5 off the HDD, with a F3 $30 off the GTX460 with 768MB and $30 off the PSU with a TX650and you'll be pretty much even after MIR.
  13. i think that combo is a good option....but i think i should wait till christmas or thanksgivings....
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    If you want then what are saying wont help you much, With the HD6000 and SB coming out in the next months, the market would change quite a bit by then.
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