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Hi all,

i am relatively new here but i browse alot due to the fact that i work at a tech support company which handles a big brand (cant say what brand that is). i was just wondering if you have any suggestions on what to upgrade to in relation to video cards.

Here is my computer's current specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.
Core 2 duo E6750 2.66 not oced
2 x 2gig DDR2 PC 667
2 x 500gig hard drive
Inno3d GF7300 GT 512mb 128b tv out
Coolmaster Centurion 5 casing
Coolmaster 450w Real Power

Im planning to buy a HD monitor so i want to upgrade my video card to a HD video card as well.
Reading on the net when you want an upgrade to your video you want to upgrade your PSU as well.

So my questions are:
Im choosing over Inno3D GTX460 1gb ddr5 256b hdmi or PC HD5670 1gb ddr5 128bit hdmi?
Or should I get an SLI because i will be playing a lot of games as well such a SC2, mw2, bad company, GOW, Halo. can not do crossfire due to the mobo is only for sli.
Do i really need to upgrade my PSU to a higher watt when uprading to those video cards? as well as SLI?
What monitor should you think i should get? not too expensive i hope. :)

FYI i am from the Philippines so my options are limited for the video cards bec not all gpus are sold here.

Thanks for the replies.
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  1. If you want SLI yes you will have to upgrade the power supply.
  2. im leaning towards this Inno3D 9800GT 1gb ddr2 128bit /hdmi for my SLi cards, are these good video cards?
  3. You want to SLI two 9800GTs? I don't think I would do that on a Cooler Master 450w PSU.
  4. 1. Get a better PSU, it's fine if you want to use Cooler Master, but get a higher Wattage, or buy a good brand PSU like Corsair, Antec, OCZ, Seasonic, SilverStone with 500W minimum.
    2. GTX460 is a good option, but not with 9800GT DDR2 (crap), stay with GTX460.
    3. No need to SLI, get a single powerful card and you'll good to play games.
    4. If you can, OC your CPU a little bit, that should help a lot.
    5. Any HD monitor (23" or 24") are good enough, like SAMSUNG or LG.
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