5970 Secondary DVI port dead?

ok guys this is driving me nuts so any help greatly appreciated.

The story is this, Got a 5970 running to 2 monitors. A samsung 2032BW and a sony bravia 32" both LCD. Now the primary is my samsung which i game on then i watch movies and the like on the sony. The primary port is connected with a DVI cable and the sony connected with a HDMI via a HDMI/DVI adapter.

Now this has been working fine for about 5 months now when suddenly i came home booted up and suddenly a blank screen on the secondary. Now nothing is overclocked on my system and im running and have reinstalled the latest driver 10.7.

Things iv tried...
1. New HDMI cable
2. The HDMI on both screens.
3. The DVI on both screens.

The DVI works on both screens in the primary however the The DVI in the secondary port does not work. The HDMI works in neither.

Sorry if thats confusing. Anyway from my own tests im inclined to think either my secondary port had died or the adapter is some how toast. What do you guys think? Should i just RMA it?

Specs- Q9950, 4 GB kingston, Asus PQ6 deluxe MB, Win vista 64
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  1. Yeah, RMA it quickly since it's still on warranty, right...
  2. Sounds broken to you then Wa1? Ok ill RMA it, i think its still under warranty. Hope so anyway!
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