Will a Apple graphic card work with a PC?

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone on here can help me out, my friend is selling me a ATI 4870 512MB GDDR5 graphics card, hes giving it me for 100$ this card is about 150$ on so decided I will look into it.

My question is that the version of this card is made for Apple computers. I am using a PC running Windows XP Media Center. Will it work with my PC since its made for apple computers?

Yes I have PCI E
and my current PSU is 220w (factory acer psu)
I will be buying a Antec NEO ECO 520C 520W to replace my current PSU
other that that I have all the necessary requirements.
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    You will have to reflash the BIOS, which can brick the card.
    Though getting a HD4870 for $100 isnt a great deal, for Mac Pros looking for an upgrade yes, but not for you. Go look in the forums, I have seen ones for $80 or less.
  2. alright, thanks a lot this really helped me :)
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